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Cobra FLY XL Iron Set

Cobra FLY XL Iron Set

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Exceptionally Forgiving With Oversize Profile

Launch it higher, swing it faster and hit it straighter with the FLY XL irons designed specifically for golfers with moderate swing speeds.

Specifically engineered for moderate swing speeds featuring ultra light construction to help you play your best. Lighter shaft weights help golfers with moderate swing speeds generate more club head speed with less effort for maximum distance. Lighter swing weights improve comfort during the swing to help moderate swingers see improvements in launch and speed.

Designed with ease of launch and forgiveness in mind, the FLY XL Irons have a back-to-heel CG location, offset hosel neck and greater lofts. All geared up to help you hit the ball straighter with a higher, more controllable launch.

With a deep undercut head design, the lower profile club head moves the CG (Centre of Gravity) lower and further back for improved launch, while a deeper undercut creates more face flex for maximum ball speed on off-centre hits.

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